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Tivoli Gardens

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Tivoli Gardens

The fairy tale starts the moment you leave the outside world and enter Tivoli. The old amusement park has a way to mesmerize both children and grown-ups. We guarantee that you will enjoy yourselves and have the time of your lives.

Tivoli is many different things: Denmark's most popular tourist attraction, a cultural institution, a bearer of tradition, a national symbol and one of the most visited parks in Europe.

Tivoli has a tradition of renewal. Every year, there is a new addition to the attraction's portfolio - a new ride, a new restaurant, a new kind of entertainment - and the old must make room for the new.

But Tivoli is more than just amusements, restaurants and entertainment. Tivoli is also fairy lights, flowers and above all, romance.

Tivoli is at its most romantic when darkness falls, but no matter when you choose to visit Tivoli, it's like stepping into an enchanting universe.