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First Hotel Gift Card Terms & Conditions

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First Hotel Gift Card Terms & Conditions

Here you will find the current terms and conditions for the purchase of First Hotels Gift Cards.

1. Purchase of First Hotels Gift Card 
You must be over the age of 16 to order a Gift Card.

You can order the Gift Card online from our website, or you can purchase the Card at the reception at all First Hotels in Scandinavia.

An order confirmation will be sent to your email address once the payment has been received.

First Hotels accepts no responsibility for stolen Gift Cards, unauthorised use, or for lost Gift Cards. As a buyer, you are responsible for submitting the correct address, and the recipient is legally entitled to use the Gift Card.

First Hotels accepts no responsibility for Gift Cards that for whichever reason are not redeemed. As a buyer, you are responsible for notifying the recipient of the terms and conditions that apply to the Gift Card.

The buyer is not entitled to withdrawal from the purchase of a Gift Card and the buyer shall give his or her consent to allow both parties to comply with this condition so that the terms applicable to the cancellation of distance marketing of financial services shall not apply to this purchase. The resale of Gift Cards is not permitted.

2. Definitions 
The First Hotels Gift Card is referred to as the Card. The Cardholder is the person who is the rightful recipient and holder of the First Hotels Gift Card at any time. The Card Issuer is Valitor HF, which is the responsible issuer of the Card. The Balance is the amount available for purchase with the Card. The Place of Sale is a First Hotel or the First Hotels website where the Card is sold and activated. The Place of Use is a First Hotel in Scandinavia or the First Hotels website where the Cardholder can redeem the Card for the purchase of First Hotels’ services.

3. Description of the service 
The First Hotels Gift Card (the Card) is a prepaid Gift Card. The Card can only be debited once, at the time of purchase. Upon purchase, the Card is activated and ready for use. Only the amount available on the Card (the Balance) can be used for purchase of goods at any given time.

The Card can be redeemed for purchases from the First Hotels website and at all First Hotels in Scandinavia. The Card cannot be used for the withdrawal of cash from ATMs, nor can it be redeemed for cash.

The Balance can be redeemed for purchases up to 12 months from the date of activation. The Card expires the month and the year shown in the Card’s front side. The Balance of the Card is regarded as electronic money under Norwegian law, wherefore no interest is given on the amount.

4. Before using your Card 
Before using the Card, sign the back of the Card.

Save the receipt and take note of your Card ID, which is featured on the back of the card. Keep this information separately for reference should the Card get lost, stolen or broken.

5. Using the Card
The Card shall be used at the hotel payment terminals and requires a signature. With purchases from the First Hotels website, the Cardholder must submit the Card information (Card number, expiry date and CVV). Select Master as ‘Card type’. When paying with the Card at hotels using a signature, the Cardholder shall, upon request, provide valid personal ID.

The Cardholder is recommended to ensure that he or she receives a copy of a signed receipt after the transaction is completed.

Complaints concerning the purchase of goods and services with the Card must be directed to the Place of Use where the item or service was purchased. Such complaints cannot be directed to the Card Issuer. Should the Cardholder dispute the correctness or validity of a payment, the Cardholder shall direct any complaints to the Card Issuer without undue delay once the Cardholder has become aware of the issue of concern, or at the point in time when the Cardholder should under the given circumstances have become aware of the said issue of concern.

6. Lost Card / Blocked Card / Damaged Card
A lost Card is not refundable unless the Cardholder is in possession of the Card ID and a receipt of purchase. If the Card has been lost, the Cardholder must report this to First Hotels. The Card Issuer has the right to refuse the issue of a new replacement card in the event where the Cardholder cannot substantiate that the Cardholder is the rightful owner of the Card. Defective Cards can be replaced by forwarding the Card to the Issuer. The Balance will be transferred to the new replacement Card issued to the Cardholder without further charge.

7. Take care of the Card
The Card is considered personal. The Cardholder is responsible for ensuring that the Card or Card information is not transferred or otherwise shared with or used by others. The Cardholder shall ensure that unauthorised persons do not receive the Card.

The Cardholder shall sign the back of the card immediately upon receipt.

In the event when the Cardholder either lose the Card or the Card is stolen, the Card will not be replaced. The Balance of the Card will therefore be lost if the Cardholder cannot provide proof of purchase or otherwise substantiate that the Card has been in the possession of the Cardholder.

8. Liability
Should the Cardholder suffer a loss due to errors or shortcomings by the Card Issuer, the Card Issuer will be responsible for any direct loss of Balance on the Card. However, the Card Issuer cannot be made liable for any other losses that the Cardholder may incur (e.g. loss of reputation).

The Balance of the Card shall not be regarded as a deposit with the Card Issuer and consequently is not secured through the Norwegian Banking Guarantee Fund (Norske Bankers Sikringsfond).

9. Transfer of contractual relations
In accordance with the purchase agreement, the Card Issuer has the right to transfer rights and obligations to a third party (company) at any given time, provided that the Card Issuer gives notice of this on its webpages at least two months in advance.

10. Blocking of the Card
The Card Issuer has the right to immediately block a Card in the event of suspicion of fraud, abuse of a Card, or for other security reasons. This also applies to other circumstances that the Card Issuer is required under law to act upon. A Card can be reopened or the Balance transferred to a new Card when there are no further reasons or requirements to block the Card as described above.

11. Validity period
The Balance of the Card is valid for 12 months (365 days) from the activation date. The Card cannot be redeemed for purchases after this time. After expiration, the residual value of the First Hotels Card will befall First Hotels.

12. Credits
Crediting the Card with amounts that exceed the original prepaid value, or crediting the Card without a corresponding purchase, will be considered legitimate reasons to block the Card. The Card cannot be used after it has been blocked. Blocked Cards can be opened or redeemed by Cardholders who provide legitimate proof of ownership of the Card, including Card ID and purchase receipt.

Credited amounts exceeding the Card’s maximum deposit amount will always be reported to the authorities. And in the event of breach of terms, the Card Issuer may, in accordance with statutory procedures, report the case to the police authorities.

13. Fees


There are no fees applicable when using the Card for purchases.

Purchase in another currency

When payments are made with the Card in a currency other than that in which the Card was issued, the transaction amount on the sales note will be converted from the currency of the user country to Norwegian kroner based on the exchange rate of the day on which the amount is settled between the foreign bank and the Card Issuer. Conversion rates use the market exchange rate for purchase/sale of currency plus a conversion fee.

Monthly fee

The Card has no monthly fees.

Balance and Transaction Summary

Check the Balance and transactions here. The service is free.

14. Complaints 
If the Cardholder believes that the service is not in compliance with applicable terms, subsequent complaints must be directed to First Hotels.

15. Changes of terms and conditions 
First Hotels reserves the right to change the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions are valid from the date of issue.

Date: 30.08.2018