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Things To Do

Aasiaat is located by the Disco Bay north of the Arctic Circle. The city offers outdoor adventures in the wilderness all year. From February to April you can experience dog sledding and snowmobiling, skiing and the northern lights. From June to September there are perfect conditions for hiking, whale watching and fishing.

If you visit Aasiaat during summer, you can venture out on nature walks in the scenic landscape with views of the Disco Bay. The hotel will offer advice and issue you with a map of the hiking area, which can be easily explored on foot.

Hotel SØMA Aasiaat – First Partner Collection also offers a wide range of guided experiences in the icy seas and endless wilderness.

Humpback whale watching in Greenland. Photo.

Sea safari in Aasiaat

The whales visit Greenlandic waters during the summer, when you are almost guaranteed whale sightings by Aasiaat. On the boat trip, you can watch these 100-tonne sea creatures as they emerge sprouting from the deep – a magical and unforgettable experience.

Two people on mountainbikes. Image

Mountain biking in Aasiaat

Explore Aasiaat and surrounding open nature on a mountain bike. Enjoy the panoramic views along the marked cycle paths. The hotel will arrange bicycle rental and will be happy to help identify the most scenic routes.

Photo: Ben Haggar, Visit Greenland.

Snowmobile ride in the mountain. Photo.

Skiing and snowmobiling in Aasiaat

Your winter adventure starts right after check-in, when you are issued with a map of the Aasiaat archipelago and cross-country skis. You will then be given a lift to the local ski club where the ski routes start. Glide through the beautiful winter landscape and enjoy the powdered snow and frosty arctic air.

The next day you head out on an exciting snowmobile trip to a hot spring on a nearby island.

Ice fishing on a frozen lake. Photo.

Ice fishing in Aasiaat

For centuries, the Inuit in Greenland have fished through holes in the ice, not least in the Disco Bay by Aasiaat. A local guide will take you to a prime fishing spot and help you cut a hole in the frozen sea.

Enjoy the absolute silence and clear air of the artic and the colours of the sky as you patiently wait for your catch.

Afterwards, you can enjoy your freshly caught fish for dinner prepared by the skilled chefs at the hotel. Naturally, you will also be provided with hot drinks and delicious food for your ice fishing trip.

Dog racing Hotel Søma Aasiaat. Image.

Dog sledding in Aasiaat

Travel the way the Inuit have done for centuries, when dog sledding was the only form of land transport in mainland Greenland. The adventure starts when you sense the first tug of the sled before it cuts across the icy winter landscapes by the Disco Bay. The dogs know their way better than any GPS system. The trip is an unforgettable experience in the magnificent wilderness of Greenland.

Aasiaat village in Greenland. Photo.

Stand Up Paddling (SUP)

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) offers a magnificent opportunity to intimately discover the vastness of the ocean. Our team is delighted to provide all the necessary equipment and will gladly organize an exceptional tour tailored to the prevailing weather conditions and your proficiency level.

We offer SUP tours for both beginners and more experienced paddlers.

Kayak adventure in Greenland. Photo.


The archipelago surrounding Aasiaat offers an abundance of opportunities to explore the sea. Where else would you choose to embark on a kayaking adventure if not in its home country?

Experience the thrill of paddling on your own, just as the Inuit have done for centuries. We provide all the essential equipment and can even organize a guided tour for you.

We offer SUP tours for both beginners and more experienced paddlers.