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Falun Copper Mine Package

Falun Copper Mine Package

Falun Mine were inscribed on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites in 2001. Stay at First Hotel Grand and experience a subterranean world with winding staircases, huge mining rooms and impressive sinks.

The Experience Falun Mine Package includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Entrance tickets to the mine
  • Big breakfast buffet
  • Wireless Internet
  • Wifi
  • Free access to premium gym

Ordering and stay period

Valid all year

More Information

Take a guided tour through winding walks and powerful halls, down in Falu Mining, part of the World Heritage Falun. During the year, guided tours are held in the mine and during the summer there is a lot more to discover.

The mining museum, with cinema and art gallery, is interactive and tells an exciting way of the 1000-year history of the mine.

In summer you can go with the Little Mine train and visit the historical buildings. The lookout tower is equipped with binoculars and information signs about the threatened species berguv which pleases happily at Falu Mine.

Here you will experience an underground world of winding stairs, huge workrooms and impressive sunsets. Falu Mining is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

A stair tower offers a great view of the vast day break.

The stairs lead further into the mountain via the old-fashioned Dropport from the 1700s down to the mine to 67 meters below ground. The road up goes by elevator. The trip is a total of 700 meters, of which 150 meters are stairs.

There is also the possibility to have lunch or visit one of the area's two cafes.

Please note: Can not be combined with other offers.

From SEK 710 person in double room