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Tips on things to do in Kalmar

Maybe you are up for a visit at KalmarCastle, a concert or event at KalmarSalen, shopping or a daytrip to Glasriket – the Kingdom of Crystal? The hotel’s central location makes First Hotel Witt a perfect base for exploring Kalmar and its surroundings.

See our tips on things to do in Kalmar below, or speak to a member of our staff if you need more inspiration or ideas of what to do while visiting.


Looking for entertainment in Kalmar? KalmarSalen is the place to be for different arrangements.

Here you can enjoy concerts, theaters, musicals, stand up shows, venues, seminars and much more.

KalmarSalen is also a great venue for conferences and congresses.

Kalmar Castle

Visit Kalmar Castle. This might be Kalmar's most outdated tourist attraction, but still one of the most popular. Most things at the castle looks like it did in 1592. But the castle is even older than that, actually this legendary landmark is dating back to the 12th century.

Experience exciting ghost walks and guided tours of the dungeons, or just stroll around and enjoy the beautiful scenery, with the parks and the sea around it.


Kalmar läns museum

Kalmar läns museum (Kalmar County Museum) is an interesting activity for both young and old.

Learn more about the history of Kalmar, get to know the illustrator Jenny Nyström and see fascinating objects recovered from The Royal Ship Kronan, which sank in the Baltic Sea on a summer day in 1676.

If you get hungry when you are there, we highly recommend the museums award winning restaurant and café.

Photo credit: Kalmar läns musum


The Kingdom of Crystal

See how glass art and glassware takes shape in the heat from the glass kiln. Hand-blown glass has been produced in Glasriket (the Kingdom of Crystal) of Småland since 1742, and the tradition is still alive today.

The Kingdom of Crystal consists of the glassworks of Emmaboda, Lessebo, Nybro and Uppvidinge municipalities, and we recommend those interested to visit by car. Also take the opportunity to experience the many cultural and natural treasures beyond the glassworks while in Småland.

Read more about the Kingdom of Crystal here.

legs dangling from a bridge

Beaches in Kalmar

Bring your swimwear when visiting Kalmar. During summer, Kalmar has wonderful bathing areas for families seeking fun and games as well as those preferring peace and quiet.

Experience nature near Stensö or Långviken just outside the city centre, or visit the Kalmarsundsbadet bathing facilities, which are located 2 km from the hotel. Here you’ll enjoy a view of the castle and inlet and can swim either from the 180-metre jetty or in the shallow bay.

If you would like to conclude your shopping trip with a dip, we recommend the popular Kattrumpan, which is located at the end of Storgatan.



Visiting Öland while in Kalmar is almost a must-do. With sights and attractions such as the Borgholm Castle ruin, Öland’s animal and amusement park and the Solliden Palace, it’s easy to spend a whole day on the island.

If animals and castles don’t interest you then visit one of the lighthouses, Långe Erik or Långe Jan, on the northern and southern headlands. You can also hike or cycle in the UNESCO World Heritage area of southern Öland or go for a swim along the 10-kilometer sandy beach of Böda on the northern part of the island.