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Things to do in Kiruna

Welcome to the municipality with Sweden’s highest mountain and deepest mine. Here in Lapland in northern Sweden, you will enjoy easy access to amazing wilderness with exciting activities and attractions.

Visit the LKAB Visitor Centre and the world’s largest underground iron ore mine. Be amazed by the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi and the Treriksröset border post shared by Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Other recommended experiences in Kiruna include dog sledding, mountain hiking, Abisko National Park excursions, climbing the Kebnekaise mountain, or hiking along the Kungsleden.

We are here to help with information and tour bookings for the best possible experience.

Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi

About 20 km outside Kiruna you find the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi. This is the world’s first and largest ice hotel and is built anew every year at the Torne River.

Icehotel itself states on its website that the hotel has been a landmark attraction since 1989, and we can only concur. Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi is definitely worth the short 2-km drive from our hotel.

LKAB at night in Kiruna. Photo.

LKAB Visitor Centre

The Kiruna Mine, renowned as the world’s largest iron ore mine of its kind, employs cutting-edge technology, including remote-controlled machines and driverless trains, to extract ore from depths as far as 1,365 metres beneath the Earth’s surface.

The visitor mine is situated at a depth of 540 metres and has garnered the highest recommendation in Lonely Planet, the globally recognised guidebook widely relied upon by globetrotters. In LKAB’s authentic exhibition mine, you will gain insights into the intricacies of mining in Kiruna with fascinating insights offered by the visitor centre guides and the films and exhibitions in the mine museum.

Esrange Space Centre. Photo.

Esrange Space Centre

Esrange Space Centre is located about 45 km northeast of Kiruna and is both a space and research centre with approx. three rocket launches per year. Visit the Esrange Visitor Centre and learn more about space at the unstaffed exhibition just outside the gates.

Photo: Kiruna Lappland

Treriksröset. Image.


Trerikröset, or the Three-Country Cairn, is a tripoint border post marking the convergence of the realms of Norway, Sweden, and Finland (formerly Russia). The current concrete cairn was erected in 1926 as the world’s northernmost border point for three countries.

Treriksröset is a popular travel destination accessible via a hiking trail coupled with a boat journey, or by scooter and skis during snowy seasons. Should you opt for a car journey, our hotel reception will be more than willing to assist with route directions, and we are also ready to provide information on accessing the area by public bus service.

Njakajaura Abisko national park. Photo.

Abisko National Park

The Abisko National Park is one of the world’s best places to witness the mesmerising Northern Lights. Situated approx. 100 km west of Kiruna, the park is easily accessible by car or public bus service via the E10, and there is also rail service to the Abisko Tourist Station.

Open year-round, the park offers a magical experience in May, June, July, or August when the midnight sun graces the sky, never dipping below the horizon. Abisko also boasts some of the world’s longest marked hiking trails. While there, be sure to ascend to the Aurora Sky Station, accessible either by cable car or hiking. This vantage point affords breathtaking views of “Lapporten,” the iconic U-shaped valley nestled among the mountains. Lapporten captivates travellers from across the globe, standing as one of Sweden’s most photographed mountain motifs.

Kungsleden Abisko – Nikkaluokta

Constructed in the early 20th century, the Kungsleden hiking trail was designated to offer visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in Sweden’s most breathtaking mountainscapes. You can trek from Kiruna to Abisko along the northern section of Kungsleden, known as the Abisko–Nikkaluokta route, which is one of Sweden’s most popular hiking trails.

The more adventurous travellers can also hike the entire length of the trail, which spans a length of 108 km and takes approx. 7 days to complete. Along the route there are mountain cabins and shops.

Explore Trollsjon in Lapland. Photo.


Located approx. 28 km northwest of Abisko, you find Rissájávri, affectionately known as Trollsjön. In Sami, its name translates to "the lake that sparkles like fire." The best way to access the area is via the hiking trail, a manageable daytrip covering approx. 10 km roundtrip.

The trail meanders through a picturesque mountainscape, offering an easy and enjoyable trek. Nestled within a 6-km long valley, the deep lake captivates with its turquoise-green waters and remarkable visibility down to a depth of 36 metres.

Savour the moment with a packed lunch, stretch your legs, and immerse yourself in the serene surroundings. Ready for a refreshing dip before your return?

Photo: Kiruna Lappland


At an elevation of 2,096.8 metres above sea level, Kebnekaise stands as the tallest mountain in Sweden. It comprises two distinct peaks: Nordtoppen, the summit of highest prominence, and Sydtoppen, distinguished by a summit glacier, resulting in variable height. The trek to Kebnekaise typically commences in Nikkaluokta, which is situated approx. 70 km from Kiruna. Our hotel can arrange transfers if required.

The hiking trip from Nikkaluokta to STF Kebnekaise Fjällstation spans about 19 km. Along this trail, you can indulge in takeout food or visit the Enoks restaurant. If hiking isn’t your preference, a boat service operates across Lake Láddjujávri, offering daily departures from mid-June to mid-September.

To conquer the summit, you have a choice of two routes: the eastern and the western. Covering 14 km, the eastern route is the shorter of the two but entails light mountain climbing, ascending to approx. 1,400 metres.

In contrast, the western route spans about 20 km with an ascent of around 1,800 metres. This route demands greater endurance due to its length. Please remember that mountain weather is unpredictable, so be well-prepared with ample provisions and a change of clothes suitable for all conditions.

Read more about hiking at Kebnekaise.

Enjoy snowmobile tour in Kiruna. Photo.

Snowmobile tours in Kiruna

Experience the freedom of exploring the mountains on a snowmobile. The snowmobile trail, just outside the hotel, provides a beautiful and fast-paced way to immerse yourself in the scenic Lapland wilderness. You can either rent your own snowmobile or choose a guided tour.

We will arrange packed lunches and coffee for your trip, and provide you with outerwear, shoes, gloves, and a helmet. Additionally, we will offer instructions on driving techniques before you embark on a guided snowmobile tour in search of the Northern Lights.

Inquire at the reception about the various tour suggestions. We offer scooter tours suitable for all ages.

Photo: Kiruna Lappland

Explore dog sledding in Lapland. Photo.

Dog sledding in Kiruna

The interaction between humankind and dogs dates back a long way and has played a decisive role in both our survival and development. The indigenous peoples of the area have utilised dog sleds as a means of transportation for generations, providing an amazing way to experience the snowy mountain landscape of northern Sweden.

Look forward to a journey through a countryside of scenic views where silence is only interrupted by the barking of the dogs and the sound of the sled cutting through the snow.

Inquire at the reception about the different tour offers. We have dog sledding tours suitable for all ages.

Photo: Kiruna Lappland