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Things to do in Lund

We will be happy to offer tips on great experiences in Lund. Read more below or ask at the reception. There is a world of experiences to discover.

You can visit Lund Cathedral, botanise among the plants and trees in the Lund Botanical Garden, experience what life was like in olden days at the Kulturen in Lund open-air museum and treat the family to a fun daytrip to the Högevall waterpark. No matter your choice of activity, we warmly welcome you to Lund.

Lund Cathedral. Image.

Lund Cathedral

One of Lund’s most famous and iconic attractions is Lund Cathedral. With roots stretching back to the 12th century, the cathedral is an excellent example of Romanesque and Gothic architecture with an impressive collection of vaults, magnificent stonework and imposing church spires.

Don’t miss the astronomical clock – one of the cathedral’s most famous treasures. Constructed in the 14th century, the clock is a masterful piece of craftsmanship that not only shows the time but also various astronomical events and even features a mechanical procession of figurines.

Kulturen i Lund Open-Air Museum. Image.

Kulturen i Lund Open-Air Museum

The open-air museum in Lund is one of the world’s oldest and spans two city blocks in central Lund. You can enter the buildings and experience what life was like in the countryside and the city in olden days, from the Middle Ages until the 1930s. Also enjoy the opportunity to visit the grocery shop Hökeriet just around the corner, where you can buy old-fashioned goods and explore the old product packaging on the shelves.

The open-air museum also includes the Tegnér Museum, which is dedicated to writer and poet Esaias Tegnér (1782-1846) as well as the medical history museum, called Livets Museum, and Kulturens Östarp, where you can experience farm environments from the mid-19th century.

Photo credit: Viveca Ohlsson

Lund Botanical Garden. Image.

Botanical Garden

In the middle of Lund, you will find the Botanical Garden. A wonderful oasis for both relaxation and learning spanning an area of 8 hectares. Here you will find plants from all over the world, including wild and cultivated species. The greenhouses are divided into 9 sections with different climates and plants from all over the world.

A mother with a child under water. Image.

Högevall waterpark

When visiting Lund with the family, we recommend visiting the popular Högevall waterpark. Here you will find jungle-themed wading pools for the youngest, bouncy towers and adventurous waterslides for daredevils. If you would rather go swimming, there is also a 50-metre lap pool and two training pools.

Skissernas Museum in Lund, International hall. Image.

Skissernas museum

At Skissernas museum (the Sketch Museum), you can experience the early drafts and sketches for large works of art. Here you will find the world’s most extensive collection of sketches and models for art in the public space both in Sweden and abroad. Explore the various themes of the collection, such as sculptures and portraits, urban spaces, textile art and science and research.

Photo credit: Åke E:son Lindman

A chef adding sauce on a plate. Image.

Lunds saluhall

Between Botulfsplatsen and Mårtenstorget in the heart of Lund, you will find the food hall, Lunds saluhall. A perfect meeting place for all foodies and gourmands. Among the approx. 20 shops and restaurants, you will find local specialties and quality ingredients.

There are well-assorted sales counters with meat, seafood, cheese and chocolate as well as specialist boutiques with selected delicacies, delicious bread and, naturally, Scanian mustard.

Lomma Beach. Image.

Lomma Beach

Situated just 20 minutes from the hotel lies the charming town of Lomma. Here, a sizable harbor and marina are nestled alongside a pristine sandy beach.

Family friendly Lomma Beach (Lomma Norra Badplats) extends gracefully along the shoreline for several hundred meters, boasting fine white sands that seamlessly merge into gentle, grassy dunes. The azure waters often take on a vivid hue, creating a striking contrast with the sandy expanse, reminiscent of distant exotic destinations.

This beach is a sought-after summer destination, particularly beloved by families with young children. The shallow waters extend quite a distance from the shore, ensuring a safe haven for paddlers and maintaining pleasantly warm water temperatures, especially during the summer months.

Photo credit: Lomma Kommun

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