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Become a First Member in November

Become a First Member in November

Double up on your welcome gift – Get 100 FirstCoins (= 100 NOK).


Become a First Member for free and enjoy these benefits as well:

  • As a member, you always enjoy a discount when booking from our website (you need to log in to achieve the discount).
  • Every time you stay with us, you earn 2-5% FirstCoins from all purchases you have with us which you can use either when you book or during your stay.
  • Every time you stay at a new hotel you haven't stayed at before, you earn 50 FirstCoins in addition.
  • Enjoy your FirstCoins for three full years, in addition to the year you earn them.
  • You earn 500 SAS EuroBonus or 300 SJ Prio points for each night you stay with us in addition to your FirstCoins.


Ordering and stay period

Other booking conditions

  • The double welcome gift offer of 100 FirstCoins (value 100 NOK) applies to anyone who signs up as a First Member in November 2019 (Usually, the welcome gift is 50 FirstCoins).

  • FirstCoins are legal tender. 1 FirstCoin = 1 NOK.

Join today so you can book your pre-Christmas trip and enjoy your welcome gift of 100 FirstCoins (100 NOK) and all the other great benefits!